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Keystone solves the puzzle of creating the ultimate site experience


Set Business Objectives

Optimize for desired business outcomes with AI-powered tools

Publishers are taking on more and more new revenue streams — making it increasingly challenging to optimize user journeys in alignment with multiple business goals. Until now.

Increase Revenue

Engage users and earn their loyalty with personalized content and offers

A better experience for your audiences is better business for you. Welcome to Keystone by Outbrain—the all-in-one platform built just for publishers.

Why Keystone

The right technology to adjust the user experiences to the desired outcomes.

  • Keystone Optimized

    With Keystone, every user journey is optimized in real time to provide the best revenue opportunities and reader experience. From subscriptions, newsletters, branded content, eCommerce, podcast sign ups, events - Keystone optimizes these business initiatives and competing KPIs across many siloed departments.
  • Keystone Personalized

    Every journey on a site is personalized by harnessing predictive analysis, behavioral data, first-party data, and deep context. Resulting in the ultimate user experience.
  • Keystone Analyzed

    Keystone provides a centralized monitoring system that maximizes site real estate for both user experience and business goals. So publishers get a holistic view of all commercial efforts and how they are progressing.
  • How Keystone Works

    Conversion prediction-engine uses AI to create dynamic user-segmentation based on past actions. Our technology is constantly improving and adapting with time. We use interest based targeting, contextual power, and deep page analysis to predict engagement and conversions.
  • Features: Campaign Management

    • Plan, launch and configure campaigns in SelfServe
    • Support multiple business outcomes:
      Clicks / Impressions / Conversion value
    • Monitoring and reporting
      In-dashboard / API
  • Features: Inventory Allocation

    • Inventory is dynamically allocated for the highest-value opportunities
    • Semi automatic
      Position / Partial content pinning
    • Manual
      Position and pinned content / Custom / GAM unit
  • Features: Creative Optimization

    • Images
    • Titles
    • UI Formats
    Keystone offers multi-variant testing and will auto-optimize images, titles and UI on all campaigns, maximizing engagement with always on optimization.

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